Apprentice, Ordinary, & Able

Learn more about the Sea Scout rank system as well as leadership opportunities available!

The first rank of Apprentice shows basic marlinspike seamanship skills, safety and basic ideals.


To earn Ordinary, the Sea Scout must know, the Ideals of Sea Scouting, be an active member for six months, learn specials skills relating to boats, marlinspike seamanship, piloting, communicating, swimming, safety, and cooking. In addition three of seven electives need to be completed such as, close order drill, signaling in semaphore, boxing a compass, yacht racing, sailing, ornamental ropework, and engine maintenance.


For the Able rank, the Sea Scout must be able to explain and demonstrate a complete knowledge seamanship skills, earn the Lifesaving merit badge, complete a long cruise, and must and be a petty officer in his or her ship.

Quartermaster is the highest rank attainable by a Sea Scout and is equivalent to Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts of America). The Sea Scout must attend at least three quarters of all Ship meetings and special activities over eighteen months, demonstrate marlinspike seamanship and leadership skills, demonstrate the ability to teach Sea Scouting skills, complete a Quartermaster Leadership Service Project (community service project) and pass a council level board of review.


The Quartermaster emblem is a medal consisting of the Sea Scout emblem on a ship's wheel that is suspended from a solid dark blue ribbon that is in turn suspended from a bar bearing the design of a double carrick bend knot. In 2011, 40 Sea Scouts attained the rank of Quartermaster, compared with over 51,000 Eagle Scouts.


Over the 21 years 1942 has been active, we are proud to have awarded 19 scouts their Quartermaster Award! One recipient, Emily Mathae, earned the rank of Quartermaster in June 2013, and her award was presented to her at the National Boy Scout Jamboree by the National Sea Scout Commodore, Charlie Wurster. 


Youth Advancement and Leadership

The Quarterdeck is the youth-elected, Leadership Committee within the Ship. It consists of the Boatswain, the Boatswain's Mate for Admin, the Boatswains Mate for Program, Yeoman, Purser, and Storekeeper.


• Plan and conduct regular quarterdeck meetings.

• Give leadership to all ship meetings and activities.

• Share responsibilities of leading the ship with the other officers.

• Know the needs and interests of ship members.

• Watch for individual ship members who may have problems, questions, or concerns.

• Direct the development of your ship’s operational plan.

• Appoint ship members to serve as activity committee chairs.


Boatswain Mate (Administration): 

Boatswain Mate (Program): 






Scrapbook Director: 

Scrapbook Committee: 

Public Affairs/Webmaster: 

Because 1942 is also a Boy Scout troop, Venturing Crew, and Girl Scout troop, we occasionally have other leadership positions available for other scouts who are interested. 


During the non-sailing season, the Quarterdeck meets on the first Monday of the month at St. George's Episcopal Church in Arlington, VA.

The Quarterdeck

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