Covid-19 Update

UPDATED 06/30/20

Hello all Ship 1942 families, members, and website visitors, 

As we push through this time of crisis, we face new and uncertain challenges in our operations as a ship. As we are based in Virginia, we must adhere to Governor Ralph Northam’s “stay at home” order. That said, we sail in Maryland waters so must follow their guidelines as well. We are currently looking for ways to hold a long cruise, train scouts, and get on the water this summer.

You can view the most recent BSA Restarting Checklist here.


In the meantime, Ship 1942 is persevering in the following ways :


  • Our weekly meetings for all-hands, quarterdeck, and long cruise planning have been moved to online video conferences.

  • Online courses are in use. These allow our scouts to advance in rank despite our current conditions. 


  • All-hands meetings contain presentations created by scouts to help in advancement. Links to these presentations can be found on the homepage of the website under the "Online Content and Learning Materials" heading.


  • Some scouts are attending sailing camps to learn new skills and sharpen old ones. All camps are following appropriate guidelines.

  • The following scouts have advanced in the past few weeks: ​

    • Benjamin W - Apprentice 

    • James M - Apprentice 

    • James Y - Ordinary 

    • Lance M - Apprentice 

    • Liam M - Apprentice 

    • Logan H - Ordinary 

    • Thomas A - Apprentice 

    • Thomas L - Ordinary 

    • Zachary H - Apprentice 

Plans to begin sailing on the weekdays are underway; expect emails regarding the most up-to-date information. On behalf of the Quarterdeck and Skipper Ballew, we would like to remind you that your Sea Scout’s participation in potentially upcoming physical activities is a purely voluntary decision. 


We hope everyone is staying healthy during this time and look forward to seeing everyone again!

Don’t Give up the Ship,


Webmaster Thomas 

Lance & Skipper Ballew conducting a "social distancing" Skipper's Conference 

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